1. Pokémon Contests Are Back!


    Entry Feature by: un-assassino / Image Sources: Mega Metagross joins the fight in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire!

    Hello fellow PKMN-ph’ers! With November slowly approaching, that means more news for the much awaited Hoenn remakes! 

    Recently, CoroCoro scans and official game trailers surfaced to the interwebs, What struck my attention the most is the confirmation on the return of Pokémon Contests!

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  2. feature entry by: johtowriter / fan arts and image sources: 瞑丸, 冥侍, くろちろこ, Anpolly, まとめ, あさ, はぎこ, ひろすけ, Pixiv.net, Tumblr Search: Pokemon.

    Being a Gym Leader sounds a lot of hard work. They oversee, manage, run, and maintain their own gym (sometimes city/town), and at the same time, test those trainers who have come to challenge them to deem them worthy. We meet everyone of them in the games and have learned about their personalities. Female Gym Leaders range from sweet, calm, postured, smart, to hot-headed, tomboyish, and really tough. Interesting, aren’t they? Yet, these respectable women of Pokemon maintain their charm and grace despite of all the pressures.

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  3. Thoughts on Mega Sableye and Other Ramblings

    It has been revealed and confirmed that the latest addition to the Mega Evolution list is Sableye.

    Many of these Mega Evolution monsters gain another set of toys to play with and among all these significant boost is their ability.

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