1. The UnsPOKKÉN Connection: When Pokémon meets Tekken

    Last August 26, Game Freak has surprised many fans by announcing the first Pokémon Fighting spin-off game called POKKÉN Tournament, a fighting game developed by NAMCO (Tekken’s mother studio, hence the title ‘POKKÉN’ – Pokémon + Tekken). Yeah right, we know. Pokémon have been “fighting” each other since the early 90’s. But when we saw Lucario and Machamp unleashing combos ala-Tekken during the game’s trailer, we can’t help but say ‘wow’ because we just saw another facet of the franchise that we have never seen before – Pokémon punching and kicking at each other’s face in real time.

    Now that the intro’s out of the way, many fans are now speculating on which Pokémon will make it to the final roster. Would it contain non-Fighting type Pokes like Greninja or a Shiny 6IV Ditto (WTH)? Or will it limit the list to just the pure and half-Fighting types only? Since we don’t have the answers at the moment, we’re here to make a short analysis (and a mini-forecast as well) of some of the possible Fighters (excluding Lucario and Machamp) who can make the final cut and which character from the Tekken universe are they going to represent, martial arts and aesthetics-wise.


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  2. The Eevee Friendly and why it mattered?

    (source: イエローヒマ - レインボー)

    Came for the cute, stayed for the intense competition!

    Hey guys, this is Zekira G. Drake, here to provide some insights about the recently concluded Eevee Friendly Tournament held in the Pokémon Global Link.

    For the uninformed, the Eevee Friendly is a tournament held via the Pokémon Global Link under these rules:

    • Only Eevee and its evolutions are allowed to participate in the tournament.
    • Rotation Battle format.
    • Bring 6 Pokémon, pick 4 to battle.
    • No two Pokémon may hold the same item.
    • No two Pokémon may have the same Pokédex number.
    • All Pokémon above level 30 are leveled down to level 30.

    More information about the tournament’s rules can be found at this link.

    I am writing this post with the intent of spreading my thoughts on how this has been one of the most insightful battle formats I have played in. People that know me personally would know that I joined this tournament because I’m an Eevee fan; they’re not far off the mark, really. But soon after I started preparing for it, all the way until the tournament finished, I can’t help but express how much my battling side has been really pumped with this competition.

    A bit of a battling background of myself: I’ve played in various 6v6 Singles formats for around 9 years, and started recently focusing on the VGC formats last November 2013. I know how specialized Effort Value spreads work, how threats and matchups work, using unconventional sets… in short, I know my competitive battling, so please don’t be so dismissive of this post just because of its different rules.

    To start off, I would like to present the team that I brought to the tournament, as well as my thought process during team creation, before I knew what I was getting in to.

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  3. Pokémon Contests Are Back!


    Entry Feature by: un-assassino / Image Sources: Mega Metagross joins the fight in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire!

    Hello fellow PKMN-ph’ers! With November slowly approaching, that means more news for the much awaited Hoenn remakes! 

    Recently, CoroCoro scans and official game trailers surfaced to the interwebs, What struck my attention the most is the confirmation on the return of Pokémon Contests!

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